Acknowledgement of Benefit Offerings

On the first day of the month following 59 days from date of hire, employees will be eligible for benefits.

You must either ENROLL or WAIVE coverage within 30 days from your date of hire per the following options:

(1) Complete the attached 2018 Enrollment/Waiver Form and submit to Human Resources

(2) Access to complete online enrollment or waive.

In the event your Enrollment Form is not returned by the enrollment deadline, it will be assumed that your Benefit Offerings are being waived. You will not be able to reapply for Benefits until the next open enrollment period, unless you have a qualified change in family status. A qualified change in family status as defined by the IRS allow benefit changes outside of the annual open enrollment period providing the change is consistent with the Qualifying Event. The following are a few QE examples: marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, loss of other health coverage or a change in your dependent’s eligibility status.

My signature below acknowledges the following:

(1) I have been offered affordable and minimum essential medical coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

(2) I understand that if I do not submit a completed enrollment form by the enrollment deadline as listed above, I am declining coverage for the current plan year.

(3) Enrollment for future plan years will need to be completed and submitted each year as enrollment is not automatic. If at that time, I want to participate in the plan, it is my responsibility to contact Human Resources.

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More Than Temp Placement

Road Dog Industrial will adjust and conform to your company’s processes as opposed to us force-fitting our processes onto you. Every step from selecting the craftsmen for your project to how your payment terms are set up can be customized to your fit your company and may qualify your company for additionally discounted rates.

  • Temporary staff

    When you have a project that is running behind, closing in on a deadline, or if you’re just in need of skilled craftsmen for your construction project, this is the best route to go. We will work with you to get the manpower you need to complete your project efficiently, on time, and safely.

  • Temporary-to-Hire

    When you have a skilled candidate that you want to give a trial run, but aren’t ready to hire on immediately. Hire them with Road Dog Industrial until you’re ready to make a decision. Immediate access to skilled candidates without the risk. We offer a great discount on this service!

  • Direct hire

    Having trouble finding that perfect fit for your company? Let Road Dog Industrial save you time and cost to hire by placing the most qualified candidates at your fingertips.

  • Payroll

    Road Dog Industrial can handle payroll, insurance, worker’s comp, and all of the back office issues with running a business. We offer a great discount on this service!